Sunday, September 29, 2013


Y'all like my "Redneck Selfie"? My wife & kids
almost peed themselves when they saw this!
     Thank y’all very much for keepin’-up with this blog; I really enjoy sharin’ stuff with y’all as well as hearin’ what-all y’all may have to say ... so please post yer comments.  Beforehand, however ... I’d like everyone abide by the rules; this site is intended for real folks and I only post genuine comments from like-minded people and friends who want to be here.  If y’all got somethin’ constructive to say or want to contribute to this blog, bring it!  However, if you feel intimidated with the whole “Bigfoot” thing, e-mail me and we’ll figure it out.

     No “Anons” … period.  Use a pen name, a nick-name or whatever.  If y’all disagree with somethin’ I post, I’ll be happy to publish your opinions or criticisms; however, all comments will be moderated.  This site is for everyone and no vulgar material will ever be posted here.  Sad to say, there is always goin’ to be some chigger out there that’ll try to post malicious comments, and they’ll simply be blocked.  Mean people suck!  If somebody feels the need to play nasty, ‘cmon & get you some!  I got grit and plenty of huntin’ & fishin’ buds in both IT & law enforcement, so 'nuff said.
     No “Haters” … period.  This here is a friendly site, and I would like everyone to feel welcome.  I won’t be postin’ about any drama that may be ongoin’ in the world of “Bigfootery” ‘cause that ain’t what this blog is about.  No hoaxers, hoaxes, blob-squatches, videos or articles that don’t pertain to the subject at hand will be posted here.  If any of y’all have had an experience you’d like to share, some pointers or tips, I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due and post it as a contribution.  Now, if some of y’all wanna trade some smack ... I’ll be more than happy to smack back, but please keep it clean.  I’ve set-up a special comment area called The Smack Shack to post any pokes, jokes, rants, criticisms, arguments and the likes.  Simply e-mail your message to and we'll roll from there!  I will not post your personal information.  Don’t y'all be bashful, I can handle it; God obviously has a sense of humor … just look at me!

… and, here is my version of a DISCLOSURE:

     Please remember, there ain’t no experts in this genre of field research, and I ain’t claimin’ to be one.  As of January 2015, I have been an Investigator for the North American Wood Ape Conservancy.  If any of y'all have had an encounter, please contact me or you can submit your sightin' to the NAWAC Web site and we'll take it from there.  My goal is to share what I have learned since I have become involved with this phenomenon.  I do have an agenda; I want to know exactly what it was that my son and I saw lurkin’ 'round out there in them woods, or what turned the table on me last summer in the Ouachitas.  I’d say that I’m an amateur field researcher in respect to the area of our sightin’… which over the past few years has become much more than just another outdoor activity.  Please understand that I’m a workin’ man, a family man and have a full-plate as far as honey-dos and responsibilities.  My time and funds are limited, but I would love the chance to check-out any local activity.  If you have somethin’ to share that has occurred in East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas or Oklahoma, gimme a shout and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.  I work, fish, hunt & mow just like the rest of y’all … so please be patient.  If I don’t respond in a timely manner … I ain’t bein’ rude; I’m probably just out doin’ my time in the grime!

     Please be careful out there, ‘cause I got a gut feelin’ that these critters won’t play too nice if you get cross-ways with 'em.  As of now, I ain't on any fence with the whole pro-kill, no-kill thang.  If given the opportunity, I will (again) attempt to take one type specimen for the discovery process.  I'm not a killer, but a conservationist as well as a realist.  Science needs definitive proof.  Period.  I've failed once; but hopefully, if given the right opportunity ... I can nut-up and not fail again.  So in order to be a true conservationist, one must provide definitive proof of a viable species.  And once that goal is accomplished, we can then work to protect the species as well as its habitat.  Now, if you personally do not feel this way, I respect that and would simply suggest that you shoot with a quality camera, but definitely have you some back-up.  If you see one, use your head ‘cause these critters definitely ain’t solitary.  Been there, done that; if there’s one, there’s bound to be at least one or more lurkin’ ‘round close by.

     These things ain't monsters or haints.  It is my personal opinion that they are a higher form of primate ... as-in non-human.  And in my opinion, I think that they are way smarter than we give 'em credit for.  Please keep in mind that if one of these animals wanted to hurt you, there ain't much you or anyone else could do about it.  Period.  I strongly suggest that you always go prepared, and try not to go alone; too much can happen out there in them woods.  Remember, even though the outdoors is a wonderful place, it's a dangerous place as well.  There’s plenty of things that could hurt you out there … and in these days & times, I ain’t just talkin’ ‘bout just the wildlife.  More and more of us outdoor folks are runnin’ into growers, cookers or them predators of the “human” kind.

     Please respect our outdoors, and leave only footprints.  Make sure you ain’t tresspassin’ on someone’s property … ‘cause land owners don’t always ask questions first.  And make dang-sure that you have the proper permits before you go traipsin’ around a Wildlife Management Area or a National Forest.  I done learned that the hard way when I bolted my game-cams in a WMA; don’t do it.  Them rules are created and enforced to protect our natural resources.  Speakin’ of which … I’d like to give a shout-out to the hard-workin’ folks at Texas Parks & Wildlife for keepin’ Texas wild!  I’ve added the TP&W link, as well as the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation links on this site so y’all can read-up on them rules before you go do somethin’ out there in them woods!
     And speakin’ of shout-outs & links … y’all check-out Texas Cryptid Hunter …  Mike Mayes is a friend as well as a plethora of knowledge on known Texas wildlife as well as accounts and evidence of our local cryptids.  Mike’s site has been one of my main go-to pages since we had our encounter, and I promise his articles won’t disappoint.  Keep up the good work, bud … lotsa folks out there really appreciate you!

     And, if you have not already done so, I urge y’all to go to our Web site at and read the North American Wood Ape Conservancy’s Ouachita Project Monograph.  This written account details several years of study performed by our members, who have all volunteered serious time, effort and personal finances to try and provide definitive proof of the existence of these yet undiscovered mystery primates.
     Oh, and by the way … I’ve been busier than a cat tryin’ to cover-it-up on concrete puttin’ all this stuff together for y’all!  All of the photos in this blog were taken by me, and belong to me.  All of the writin’ is mine as well, so if y’all wanna re-publish any of this, please make sure to e-mail me and get my permission beforehand.  Any contributin’ articles or photos will only be published with expressed written permission of the author and/or photographer.  Intellectual Property, y’all … and there ain’t a court in this-here great country of ours that won’t enforce protectin’ it.    Thanks, God bless and be safe!
© 2013 - 2016 Angelo D. Landrum

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Dustin Wright said...

Good to see you being very thorough with what will and will not be tolerated on this site. Being a believer in Bigfoot, and UFO's and such, you definitely run across some people that are nothing but mere trolls. I enjoy the information you provide, and will continue to come back and visit every post you make. Great selfie by the way, and on that, I may just have to get you to show me a thing or two about shootin' one of them there bows some time! Take care, and look forward to reading the next episode.